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Kommunity Labels Artists and Producers
How About Klapster?

Join in and upload your unreleased Tracks and DJ Sets
You can choose the profile that better suits your needs to deliver your Music to Labels and Promoters

Klapster delivers your Music
Choose your preferred Label and Klapster will do the rest.
Find your Promoter and Klapster will deliver your Sets straight to the Promoter inbox

Guaranteed Feedback
Receive feedback from Label. If your tracks are accepted label mamagers will contact you directly
Promoters feedback in your inbox. If your sets are accepted you may enter the Promoter roster of artists for events booking and management
Are you a Label?
You receive tons of demos every day?

Klapster will manage all submitted tracks in one and all.
Receive the tracks, listen and send feedback to artists.
Accept or decline tracks in one click!
Receive feedback from Members, Artists, Labels and Promoters in your Talks group.

Talk directly with your Promoter or Label and other group members about dates, tracks, new events and much more ...

Klapster Talks is available for all Group Members and will notify in your email of new messages from your groups
Venues & Clubs & Events
Find Clubs and Events and Concert tickets

Get in touch with our partners Promoters to get your gigs in the best clubs and venues

Artist/Group Profile
Share, play, listen, read news, create playlists and charts
Follow your favourite artists, clubs, labels.
Send and receive Feedback and comments from followers and fans
My Cloud
Personalized My Cloud control
Displays all your followed content as well as your tracks, artists, events and clubs, news and labels.
Manage all your music and videos in one click!!