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A new comers Alex Gori ,with rhythm, feeling, and groove, ready to work hard for their passion. They have already released tracks and EPs on Cadenza, Viva music, Deeperfect,  Great staff, Blu Fin, and more, many song's of Alex Gori are played and chart by: Luciano, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Barem, Riccardo Villalobos, Wally Lopez, SuperFlu, Monika Kruise,Roger sanchez, Erik Morillo ,Supernova,Joe T Vannelli And many many Big Elements.....Alessandro,(Alex Gori) was born in May 1986, innovative and revolutionary period for house music, a child already passionate for music began to use the old plates from hi-fi in his house and over the years, I begin to put aside a little money to buy the first cdj mixer and his first discovering so passion he had for music, and refining over time the techniques in the mix.Alex discovered his passion for music , can begin to play at some private party, and some records in the area becoming known, By the time he discovers another passion, and is that the production, begins to use some programs to production, such as _ABLETON LIVE_ ...thus succeeding in creating his first track released on December 2007 and continuing to work for the production of other that is contacted for its first gigs around the europe.