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Alvaro Ceballos
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Alvaro Ceballos, 28 years old, a native of Mérida (Extremadura) has lived in Ibiza for 5 years. DJ artist since 2008 with roots in the Rap and Funky, Underground street scene. From a young age working in venues, clubs and festivals with different positions. He participated in events such as supermartxe, maniatik, and ADAGIO stages by Fabrik Madrid, among many other venues, pubs, clubs and afters in the region and surroundings. A charismatic person who shows and expresses the electronic scene in a different and profound way, always looking for that exclusive touch that differentiates him from the rest, always polishing and improving that enigmatic touch that touches the soul in a very direct and special way. (If the music does not have music, no matter how electronic it sounds ... It is not music) says the artist from Mérida, explaining his need to make instruments sound, melodies, rhythms and percussions with that melodic essence that perfectly represents Techno, Deep or Tech House They can lead a real orchestra with a wide range of instruments to also give place to the roots of music and not lose the reason where we come from. As a professional electronic DJ, he does not make any musical style or subgenre ugly, playing all the styles and branches of the Underground scene although he always captures his touch and personality since he has a very selective taste when it comes to choosing music.