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Ignacio Robles
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Jose Ignacio Robles known as "Ignacio Robles" or "Josse.R", was born in the city of Bah­a Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina the 29th of October of 1986. At the age of 11 years he knows the electronic music and following closely the events that surprised him. From then to this days he never leaves the electronic sound away and starts working as a Dj in 2007 at the age of 20 in "Piscis Club (Pajas Bravas)", a disco of his natal city. He starts mixing Minimal Tech with Techno and over time he discovers the sound that truly captivates him, the House sound like a base and it variants. The opportunity afforded by the disco (Pajas Bravas) and it resident opens the doors to participe in differents clubs, discos of his city and surrounding areas as well as private parties. In 2008 and 2009 he worked in a lot of discos and pubs like "Chocolate", "El Reino", "Bar bat" and "Dos Morenas" located in Bahía Blanca; "Move" and "Divino Pub" located in the city of Punta Alta; "Club Zero" in Monte Hermoso; and various private parties sharing cabin and doing warm-ups for renowned Djs, such as Fabian Dellamonica, Tato Piatti, Ariel Rodz, Diego Ro-k, Diego Suarez, Diego Cid, Jay Brown, Flor Beretta, Tomy Jacobs, Grooveplan among others and with Djs of his city like Alan Castro, Ariel Testa, Luciano Vargas and others. When he plays music he brings a funny sound with lot of groove, carefuly selected, to ensure that the public and himself, have fun and enjoy a joyful party without leaving his personal taste. Over the years, since he knows electronic music to this days, Ignacio Robles explores diverses sounds and in 2009 he starts producing his own tracks. His music has a House sound mix with Deep House and Techno and a solid baseline. He edits tracks for PRESSURE (Chile), PILD RECORDS (Uruguay) and AQUASOUND (Miami)