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Create infinite tickets with limited time and entry before certain hour as well as reservation only tickets with or without drink included.

Tables, entry + transportation, show + dinner
you name it ... we can do it!

Entry list and guest list management available!

QR code to print on posters, flyers and promo material.

Start Selling Tickets
Barcode and QR code scanning for fast ticket checking at entrance

Real time tickets sales and entry control statistics are available at any time and represent a great live monitoring tool.

Lowest commission on ticket price in the market!

Environmental friendly e-tickets only!
No more printed tickets!
Multi clubs multi-promoters and multi PR management

Links QR codes and URL to be shared on multiple platforms.

Guest Lists Management with payment ad door or free access

Manage and monitor your PR staff sales directly.
Dedicated PR accounts with dedicated URL for sales and promotion.
Artists and Event Interaction
Interconnections among all the professional figures operating in the music and entertainment industry.

Events and tickets are available in the prifiles of linked Artists, Labels, Promoters and Clubs

Artists profiles are linked in the Event page ad promoted via the same URL link

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Personalized My Cloud control
Displays all your followed content as well as your tracks, artists, events and clubs, news and labels.
Manage all your music and videos in one click!!