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Ambience presents Davide Squillace @ Club01


Ambience presents Davide Squillace @ Club01

Amazing guest for Ambience at Club 01 , Playa del Carmen
Born in Siena, Italy, his family moved back to its home town, Naples, just after his birth.[1] In Naples he developed a genuine interest in electronic music, thanks to the famous local scene. After finishing school, in 1995, he went to London, where he lived for three years. In London he was fascinated by the British scene and he began buying the first music equipments to produce techno music and managed to have his first record published by Primate Records. Soon other labels got interested in his work and he published more EPs with Audio and Contrast. In 1999 he went back to Naples, where he began studying at the local school of sound engineering, graduating in two years.[2] During these years he did not published lot of music, but he focused on studying and working in the neapolitan techno clubs where he became very famous alongside Marco Carola and Rino Cerrone.