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John Joshua joining Origami Limited via
Artist: John Joshua


John Joshua joining Origami Limited via

An exciting success story … producer John Joshua joins Origami Limited artists roster.


Using the Send to Label feature on, John sent his demo tracks to many of the labels present in the klapster platform.

After receiving responses more or less positive and feedback about his productions via the klapster system in the past, John well received the feedback given by the labels via Klapster and improved dramatically his productions.

Finally John decides to submit his demo tracks again to the labels via the platform and the good news came quickly.

Origami Limited listened to John Joshua tracks in the Klapster platform and together with the positive feedback sent John the request to join its roster.


John received and approved Origami's request and him and his tracks joined the label roster. All in one click via the Klapster platform that allows to send demo tracks directly to labels and sets to promoters to get instant feedback and eventually join the roster.

Labels can now manage all their Demo Submissions inbox directly into one platform without receiving hundreds of mp3 demos in their mailboxes. is the innovative solution for artists to labels demo submissions!