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What is FR33™?
FR33™ is many things but primarily it signifies free.
It was devised initially as a funky house/disco house event brand which was operated by off grid entrepreneur, Blackpool, Lancashire (UK).
The event was free entry despite featuring major producer DJs such as John Morales, Groove Assassin, and a team of resident DJs...... FR33™ not only means something was/is always gifted for free (eg soft drinks), it also came about as a nod to the genius that was Anthony H Wilson and his inspirational Factory Records (FR-number(s))
FR33™ is also now being used in a novel way for an innovative free range food and drink brand FR33range™. This is a joint venture with a multi-million pound state-of-the-art farming facility based in Northern Ireland which, ironically, plays music for the pleasure of its free roaming animals. The brand is being licensed nationally and internationally in the longer term. However, from a music perspective it will always be about funky house/disco house events as well as upcoming record label.